Great Canadian Migrations

Toronto Viral Video Production – Great Canadian Migrations

After other successful viral video productions we have done it was very exciting to work with Environmental Defence. With a great script in hand and our talented actor Michael Newsome we went to it. Managing all aspects of the production and work very closely with Environmental Defence we created this very funny take on a serious issue. In 3 days or so it went to 10,000 hits on YouTube and 20,000 hits on Facebook and is climbing steadily. Even having great figures in the environmental movement like David Suzuki reposting several times we know we made something worth watching. If you need a viral video for you or your business please reach out to us today.

Toronto Real Estate Video

Toronto Real Estate Video Filming

We were very happy to have filmed and edited this video for Heather Holmes, an amazing and talented Toronto real estate agent. We wanted to show off her vibrant personality, professionalism and laid back attitude. When filming these types of videos it helps to have someone this camera friendly and talkative. Also someone who knows the market and the subject she is talking about. Filmed easily in her residence, we used compact film lighting, make up and multiple angles to change it up. If you are looking for testimonial videos, real estate videography or anything video related please contact us today at or call 647.220.9461.

Chris Hadfeild

Capturing Space

KM4 Productions was more than excited to be the chosen media company to photograph and video 8 days for the International Astronautical Congress held in Toronto this year. Such an incredible event with attendees such as Chris Hadfeild, Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye. Also companies such as Space X, Boeing, NASA and many others were showing off their goods on the convention floor. A great Toronto event to capture by our videographers and photographers. Here is a highlight reel to check out –

Toornto testimonial videos

Toronto Testimonial Videos

We know the testimonial. At KM4 we have shot many testimonials for all size businesses and organizations. We can set up in a small office, outside or studio and get great results. The testimonial is a story, it’s your story about how your customers appreciate you. What better way to let your new clients know about your organization than with a corporate testimonial video. We also know how to make your clients feel at ease and show them the respect they deserve.

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T.E Wealth

Corporate Videos for T.E. WEALTH

It was a pleasure filming corporate videos for T.E Wealth. 3 videos were made and CEO Kostas Andrikopoulos was a natural on camera. Since 1972, T.E. Wealth has provided truly objective financial advice to individuals, families, businesses and institutions.

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WOODS a short film by Jon Hyatt

We Made a Scary Film. “Woods”.

Most of what we do at KM4 Productions is corporate video, however a growing arm of what we do now is making music videos and film. This is the first short film by KM4 and we are very excited to have made it. Shot in just a few days with many obstacles in the way  it turned out great. Whenever you are passionate about filming and put 100% behind it the results show. Thankfully we had the talented Bruce William Harper doing cinematography with amazing actors and crew. Not to mention a great location and incredible post production. Woods has been an amazing experience all around, look for it at upcoming film festivals and screenings.

Woods Trailer
[youtube link=”” width=”624″ height=”320″]

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Toornto corporate video production

Filming Parks and Recreation Ontario

Toornto corporate video production

Parks and Recreation Ontario chose KM4 Productions to film a video series for them. We are happy to be the chosen Toronto video production company to work with Parks and Rec.  So far we have completed a couple different kinds of videos in the series with more to come. It’s great to work with such amazing people over there, and we always love filming, so win win all around.

Toronto Corporate event videography

Filming Corporate Events in Toronto for CASIP

We are always happy to be brought back to film for an organization, especially when it’s CASIP.  CASIP is a consortium of independent, community-based agencies and colleges which have been collaborating since 1998 to drive innovation, advocacy and excellence in employment services for skilled immigrants and employers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). KM4 Productions has now filmed more than 3 projects for CASIP with anothers in the works. It’s always a pleasure to video interesting corporate events in Toronto, and thanks CASIP for providing another.

Toronto video production for software companies

Great Companies Coming Back for More Video

We have had the pleasure at KM4 Productions with creating video solutions for innovative and progressive software companies in and outside Toronto and the GTA. The best part is they keep coming back for more. We had the pleasure of working with Plexxis again for the 3rd time in creating two short comedic MAC vs PC spoofs and a 10 part video series explaining their services. Check out part one right here.